Ombre, Balayage, Color Melting Oh My!

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What is color melt?

Color melting is when the color naturally progresses from one shade to another in a seamless manner. The obvious choice is working from a darker root down to a lighter perimeter color.

This technique works great when you have a medium to dark natural hair color to start with, this will create an easy grow out too maintain. A look and feel of color melting is when the hair just naturally looks like you spent a summer at the beach. Choosing a warm or ash tone to punch up the ends of the hair can give you a more dramatic fashion effect.

Color Melt vs Ombre

A few years ago the trend of Ombre or Dip Dye as most know it called came about. Popular in the younger more trendy crowd Ombre started midshaft and worked down to blonde or a rainbow color effect of choice.

Ombre is a more drastic effect compared to Color Melting whereas melting starts from the root and transitions naturally to a lighter blonde or perhaps a bronze though out the ends of the hair. Color melt is a softer more natural technique that still allows the hair to transition without a harsh demarcation line.

The Difference between Color Melting and Balayge

Balayage is a hand painting technique used to highlight the hair. The interpretation of Balayage is broad with few rules. A little can go a long way or you can lighten a full head to create a beautiful bold blonde. Balayage has been around for many years.

Similar to Color melting with balayage we can create a softer feathering at the root area. Color melting is a great way to naturally progress someone into a fashion-forward hair color from Balayage. The two combined techniques can be married together for a stronger more aggressive melting effect.

How Much Does Color Melt Cost?

When pricing a color melt at a salon keep in mind length and density of your hair. The longer and thinker your hair is the more product it can take. At Scott Farmer Salon you will know the price after a consultation and before moving forward with the service.

If you are seeking a more fashion-forward color melt try adding balayage highlights to the mix and your sure to get compliments everywhere you go.

Color Melting Examples

Color Melting Examples

Color Melting Examples

Color Melting Examples

Color Melting Examples

Color Melting Examples

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