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Metallic balayage hair color

This week I will be looking at a trend in hair color that just may be the one that rescues us from the unicorns. For over the last 10 years the rage has become bright rainbow hair colors. Honestly, I’m hoping this is the last of it for this century. Although the option of a softer pastel and metallic version has become the new look for fall 2017. I feel it’s a much softer option for today’s fashion crowd.

Silver Metallics hair color

Starting with the silver metallics a creative vibrant color that eliminates golden tones in the hair. The metallics are designed to work with pre-lightened hair or as an all over color effect. A fashion color Silver Metallic looks great with cool skin tones. The Hair color leaves the hair feeling soft and will shine like a diamond.

pastel hair 799

Bronze Metallic hair color

The Bronze tones are my favorite tones in the line of colors. A rich and sophisticated look every client can wear. Custom mixed with other tones it can create a custom look for each person who sits in my chair. I love to do an overlay of a bronze gold with my balayage clients. Mixed with the Violet Metallics can create a soft shiny rose blonde.

 guy tang color

If your one who loves to stay on the pulse of fashion and you love to change your color the metallics try the Metallics. Kenra and Guy Tang have created beautiful tones of color that shine and leave the hair feeling healthy.

I hope you’re enjoying the Hair Inspiration Weekly and will continue to follow along.

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